Hit by Cupids Arrow

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It is the official week of love! What other way to spend February 14th then with the people that mean the most to you! No matter what the situation there is always someone to celebrate on this day whether it is your kids, neighbors, spouse/loved one, or family/friends! We found some pretty cool things to share with you to make this Valentines day a special one with these homemade crafts and gifts. Get ready to catch cupids arrow!

♥ Chocolate Companions ♥

It is a given that the best way to win someones heart is through food.. especially chocolate! Here are a few easy and fun recipes to put a smile on a loved ones face.. and stomach 😉

Chocolate Cookie Hearts Recipe     Nutella Hearts Recipe      Chocolate Strawberries Recipe

♥ Devotional Decor ♥

Make sure Cupid makes an appearance this February by creating these adorable affordable crafts. Small decor such as these items make a huge difference and help create the atmosphere of turning your house into your home.

How-To Wine Cork Heart  How-To Flower Vase  How-To Framed Heart  How-To Coffee Filter Wreath  How-To Sweetheart Vases

♥ Charming Children ♥

Need help with sending your kid off to school with valentines for the class? Look no further we have you covered with some easy simple crafts and fun slogans to attach to candy that is simple, easy, cheap, and most importantly: FUN! Make sure you don’t miss the links provided underneath the pictures for some FREE printable to help you craft!

Creative Classroom Ideas Thanks to Nobiggie.net

♥F♥R♥E♥E♥ Printables available for the following crafts! Click on the link below the pictures!

Laffy Taffy Instructions Laffy Taffy FREE PRINTABLE
Gummy Bear Instructions  Gummy Bears FREE PRINTABLE
Thankful Student Craft Instructions  Thankful Student FREE PRINTABLE

♥ Passionate Presents ♥

Gifts on Valentines day are always significant when they are heartfelt and personal. Create something special for your loved one by expressing what it is about them that makes your life a better place because they are in it. Including their favorite candies or food is a great bonus!

These fun awesome DIY ideas are courtesy of Buzzfeed
You’re a Catch Courtesy of coco29  Lottery DIY Courtesy of diply  Date Box DIY Courtesy of thebabesruth  Clever Beer Courtesy of makethebestofeverything

♥ Games by Cupid ♥

So many fun ideas below! Make sure there is never a dull moment with these great DIY games to play with your loved ones for the holiday! Creating a game for Valentines Day such as Jenga, is something that can be enjoyed anytime you want… This craft serves a 2 in 1 purpose as a gift and game! Make sure you take advantage of the awesome FREE printable on the link below for great conversation starters!!

Personal Jenga Courtesy of boholoco  Suck It Up Game Instructions  Stacking Heart Game Instructions

These two games are so much fun for the couples that have plenty of experience spending their lives together. Its fun to laugh and reflect on how well you know each other as a special reminder on this romantic holiday!

Anniversary Game Instructions  Not-So Newlywed Instructions

Newly dating? That’s ok too! We have games fit for everyone! Here are Date Night Conversation Starters. Click here for a FREE printable!!

Conversation Printables Courtesty of time2saveworkshops

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xoxo, The Crafty Host♥


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