QUICK Superbowl Party Ideas

In a hurry to throw together a last minute party for the SuperBowl?! No worries, we got you covered with these easy and fast ideas that will make your party score big!

Line up your linen

Creating a table cloth imitating the football field is easy and quick! You can purchase green astroturf from Lowes or the Dollar Store and add numbers and lines using white tape!


 Keep your team hydrated

Small details such as decorating your glasses can make a huge difference! The next most important item during the Super Bowl besides the television is a persons drink- Make sure your guest has a stylish cup/water bottle just by adding tape to mock the seams of a football or a whistle around the lid!


 Field Goal Foods

– Make sure you don’t leave your guest leaving the party deflated!-

Whether its french fries in a paper bag or kisses melted on pretzels topped with your favorite team color, accessorizing your food is easy and fun!

Defensive Desserts

Keep your teams sweet-tooth satisfied with this easy ice cream sandwich dessert. All of the work is already done for you just add icing!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.11.21 PM.png

Tackle those details

Utilize your creativity by decorating your utensils or napkin holders with football related items or add a little paint to recycled cans!


Gear up with games

After all its all about the big game… make sure your guest are entertained throughout the game and during commercials too with bingo cards or trivia!













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